ARTWORK > Swallowed By Nature

For over a decade, Natalie Collette Wood has been making work to meditate and reflect on the intersections between the passage of time, nature, and the built environment. Through sculpture, collage, and painting, Wood renders interiors, building facades, and cityscapes as blurred spaces that visually bleed into and merge with nature. Within these dreamlike scenes, Wood probes questions about scale and permanence.

Inspired by her time kayaking on the Bronx River where human detritus is regularly discarded, Wood began to think about urban spaces and their relationship to natural cycles of growth, decay, and change. To process and accept what Wood sees as inevitable, Wood transforms common domestic objects until they are almost unrecognizable. In this case, a dining room table and chairs are engulfed by hundreds of succulents that require little to no human maintenance to thrive. Uncanny and sublime, Swallowed By Nature visualizes what happens when nature is left to reclaim our built environment and “joins the dinner table.” - Jesse Firestone

Swallowed By Nature is part of Eco-Urgency: Now or Never, currently on view in Glyndor Gallery.