Oyster Party
Oyster Party
Live plants, Oyster Shells, Coconut Matte, Drift Wood, and Moss

Oyster Party by Natalie Collette Wood is an outdoor assemblage sculpture uniting natural and found objects, prominently featuring oyster shells. Symbolizing the intricacy and significance
of these creatures, the work urges recognition of their essential role in sustaining our planet. It evokes their resilience to reclaim the seascape and calls attention to nature's capacity to
replace us if we neglect our responsibilities. Inspired by her "Swallowed By Nature" series, the sculpture reimagines our relationship with waste and the environment, intertwining oyster
shells and salt-water bivalve mollusks with discarded domestic items. "Oyster Party" embodies the oysters' powerful impact as natural filters and reflects on New York City's historical connection to them, standing as a symbol of ecological rebirth.