For over a decade, I have been creating art to meditate on and reflect upon the intersections between the passage of time, nature, and the built environment. Through sculpture, collage, and painting, I depict interiors, building facades, and cityscapes as blurred spaces that visually blend into and merge with nature. Within these dreamlike scenes, I explore questions about scale and permanence, contemplating urban spaces and their relationship to the natural cycles of growth, decay, and change.

I transform ordinary domestic objects using natural materials until they become almost unrecognizable. In my previous work, I engulfed a dining room table and chairs with hundreds of succulents, resulting in an ephemeral piece that evolves and changes throughout its existence. Uncanny and sublime, my art visualizes what happens when nature reclaims our built environment.

My work serves as a meditation on the ways in which we interact with and are influenced by our surroundings. By visually merging the natural world with the built environment, I aim to create dreamlike scenes that encourage viewers to reflect on their own relationship with nature and the world around them.